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A Family Kennel of the
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Rainy Days Penny Saved


Every once in a while there comes into your life a Rescue so special that you can't help
but let them snuggle into your heart to stay.
Ric's special Rescue is Penny the Pug! She came
to us at 4 months old as an owner surrender. Apparently she was dragging the family Shih Tzu
around by the ears and the children were not helping by keeping her wound tighter than a clock.

She had no shots, no wormings, no veterinary care of any kind, and she had been weaned from her
mother at 4 weeks old. No wonder she had no canine manners --she was taken away before she could
learn any!
She is spayed and suffers from both bilateral canine hip dysplasia and joint OCD, is on a
constant diet to keep her Puggish figure. At 9.5 years old she is doing very well and we are thrilled
she is still going strong.
She is the perfect traveling partner and loves road trips of any distance.



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Breeding News:
We have retired from breeding litters here at Rainy Days. However, Pierce, Micah, and Cowboy all sired litters in 2013 and are standing at stud in 2014.

Show News:
We have 2 new Champions! Pierce & Keiko finished in 2o13.

Cowboy & Keiko both earned national rankings in 2013

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