Rainy Days Mastiffs

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A Family Kennel of the
AKC Mastiff Breed



Our girls are the lifeblood around here! They are all so unique in personalities
and they bring such a wonderful mix to our everyday lives.
I can't imagine how
we ever made it without them. Click on their names to go their individual pages.


Gracie 7 yr old



Lily at 4 yr old



Lara at 3 yr old


Penny at 4 years old


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Breeding News:
We have retired from breeding litters here at Rainy Days. However, Pierce, Micah, and Cowboy all sired litters in 2013 and are standing at stud in 2014.

Show News:
We have 2 new Champions! Pierce & Keiko finished in 2o13.

Cowboy & Keiko both earned national rankings in 2013

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