Rainy Days Mastiffs

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A Family Kennel of the
AKC Mastiff Breed


We are a small family kennel where our dogs are raised in the home as family companions.
Our emphasis is on temperament as well as health and type and we never forget they are pets
first and show dogs second. We have retired from breeding, but will put you in touch with
other responsible Breeders with a similiar vison of striving for the most well rounded beautiful
dogs of sound minds and spirits to carry on the high standards we have set for ourselves.

We have 3 outstanding Champions available at stud for discriminating Breeders.

Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Ric & Anita Sanders
Republic, Washington



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Breeding News:
We have retired from breeding litters here at Rainy Days. However, Pierce, Micah, and Cowboy all sired litters in 2013 and are standing at stud in 2014.

Show News:
We have 2 new Champions! Pierce & Keiko finished in 2o13.

Cowboy & Keiko both earned national rankings in 2013

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