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A Family Kennel of the
AKC Mastiff Breed



Rainy Days Autumn Splendor

Autumn was our first Mastiff and the auntie of every pup that came through this place.
Whether it be Mastiff or rescue, Autumn gave it love and encouragement from the moment she |
laid eyes on it. A more natural mother would be hard to find.
We've learned a lot through her.

I bought Autumn for my husband from a backyard breeder. I didn't know any different and I
had no desire to show. I just wanted a companion for him and found her in the local newspaper.

It was only through socialization from 14 weeks that Autumn learned to really function in life.
She had always been shy (which we took as "aloof" in the breed standard as a puppy, but it was
much more than that). She would overload into anxiety when presented with situations that she was
not prepared to handle. Because of that and severe Canine Hip Dysplasia diagnosed at 9 months,
I am all the more positive of the necessity to make sure that all testing available and breeding
needs to be done with the utmost care. Although it does not guarantee joint health,
it is a beneficial tool that can be used to give all puppies a fighting chance at long healthy lives.

Autumn was spayed and was very much a homebody greeting everyone with
gentleness and curiosity. She was our baby girl, she was our teacher. We miss her...



1 yr old Autumn with new sister Gracie

2 yr old Autumn with 5 month old Isaiah

Autumn at 3.5 yr old

3 yr old Autumn & baby Lily

Autumn at 4.5 yr old

l-r: 20 mo old Boaz, 2 yr old Bella, 6 yr old Autumn, 3 yr old Micah

Autumn at 6.5 yr old

Autumn on her 7th birthday





Breeding News:
We have retired from breeding litters here at Rainy Days. However, Pierce, Micah, and Cowboy all sired litters in 2013 and are standing at stud in 2014.

Show News:
We have 2 new Champions! Pierce & Keiko finished in 2o13.

Cowboy & Keiko both earned national rankings in 2013

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